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From the resonance of angelic salutation to the energy burst through the heart space above the ark, this becomes a visual covenant of our heart opening to the direct experience of the Godhead. Thus, the wings of the phoenix ignite and the Tree of Life activates, affecting multiple spheres of awareness and creation.

Ark of the Covenant, Pastel Drawing by D'vorah Curtis

Thrones of glory and brilliance and fire imprinting the fabric of creation. Through the expression of Sacred Names and the songs of the angels, we invite the thrones and fires and glories to recreate themselves through us. It's a baptism by fire, a journey of myriad worlds from the Infinite back unto the Infinite.

Baptsim by Fire, Pastel Drawing by D'vorah Curtis

It is through the crown we realize a portal to the Infinite - beyond our own space and time. And it is through the crown that the Infinite expresses back through us, empowering the sacred feminine and illuminating and transforming our lives.

Crown of Creation, Pastel Drawing by D'vorah Curtis

The Adam Kadmon, the archetypal Heavenly image of man risen off the cross of space and time. Here the seven heart-seals are opened through the vibration of the Divine Names, through sacred geometry, sound and color.

Adam Kadom, Pastel Drawing by D'vorah Curtis
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Pastel Drawings of D'vorah Curtis, Artist, Sculptor, Visionary