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When someone asks me to explain or talk about my artwork, I think of the dancer, Isadora Duncan.  She was asked after completing a dance performance if she would tell them what the dance meant.   Her reply was, “If I could say it I wouldn't need to dance!” 

One of the great beauties of art is its ability to transport the viewer outside of "self", to go beyond words, to bypass the rational mind and go directly to the heart.  The use of line, form, color and symbol can awaken other modes of perception and awareness.  Indeed, the root of the word “symbol” is the Greek idea of bringing together fragments of truth to achieve a more profound understanding than would otherwise be available through words.

I’ve always had a great affinity with nature, a thirst for knowledge, and a deep appreciation of beauty in all her forms.  Ultimately, these qualities have found expression through my art.   In my early years, I was truly a child of the times, backpacking throughout much of the West and Mexico and living in remote areas.  I love wild places where nature’s voice is louder than man’s.

While in Alaska, I met and learned from a rabbi of Kabbalah. More than the intellectual exercises, I tended to swim readily into the experiences brought through certain prayer and meditation techniques.  This time greatly influenced my life’s journey.  I found a deep resonance within ancient mystery traditions, most definitely the Kabbalah, and especially with the literature of Merkabah mysticism, such as in the Enochian teachings and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

I’ve been inspired through many works of music and art.  From ancient to Renaissance to modern.  William Blake has always been one of my favorite artists.

In rendering a work I don’t see it at first.  It starts as a spark or a vibration of intense energy and feeling.  I will work on drawings and forms over and over, different parts coming in at different times until it all comes together in a complete form and color, conveying back to me the same feeling that started it all.  It is this energy or feeling I most long to share and it is my hope that my work conveys this to you.  


D'vorah's original pastel drawings and their limited edition lithographs - Salutation, Ark of the Covenant and Baptism by Fire - are now displayed and distributed throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, South America, China and Russia.  Several of her works have been published and distributed by the Academy for Future Sciences.

The Shartse monks of Tibet were so moved by her work, a piece was taken to India and hung in their monastery.

D’vorah's bronzes capture both vision and movement emerging from an unrelenting persistence for detail.   Draconis, her fiery seven headed dragon, was featured in an international exhibit sponsored by the Delaware Art Museum.

Both her pastel and sculpture works have been collected and exhibited by the World Cultural Heritage of the Wisdom Teachings, a non-profit Foundation in Germany and the USA.

After the completion of Draconis, D'vorah studied sculpture in France at the Vougel Sculpture School, taught and directed by Martine Vougel, a world-renowned winner of the International Rodin Competition in Japan.

Other experience includes serving as art director for Falcon Press, Los Angeles and teaching both two and three dimensional fine art.

Among the famed red rocks of Sedona, AZ., her love of ancient art and symbols inspired her to study and recreate petroglyphs and pictographs etched in sandstone, works that are displayed in homes and architecture through out the southwest.

Currently in the enchanted lands of the Zuni Indians in New Mexico, this multi-talented artist continues her revelatory insights and artistic explorations that demand provocative and compelling expression.

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